Artificial grass is quickly gaining popularity in our region for several reasons. It is low maintenance, drought tolerant and kid/pet safe. A natural grass lawn demands a lot of year-round maintenance. It requires you to mow, edge, weed, fertilize, and water. You will spend several hundred dollars annually to just complete the required tasks yourself not to mention the time spent.  In contrast, artificial grass requires very little active maintenance. Periodic blowing to remove leaves, dirt, or other debris, and cleaning up after your dog (if applicable) is all that is required. Artificial grass technology has come a long way. The lifespan can range up to 20 years depending on the product, with proper installation and maintenance.

At Ultimate Turf Solutions, most of our turf carries a 16-year warranty. Higher-quality polypropylene and nylon turf can hold up well in the wear-and-tear department even in lawn spaces that see heavy foot traffic and sun exposure. Homeowners can expect a 2-year return on investment.

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