16 grit silica sand for synthetic grass installations

Because of its biological nature, silica sand is frequently used as an artificial grass filler. As a filler for synthetic turf, silica sand keeps turf grass blades upright. In addition, silica sand protects the backing material from the sun. Furthermore, it’s better-for-you and a less expensive option to crumb rubber filler.

16 Grit Silica Sand is used as an infill in artificial turf. Due to its natural feel that is similar to that of soil, silica sand makes the turf even more comfortable to use. Silica sand also provides additional cushioning, akin to soil in natural grass, giving the artificial grass a natural feel underfoot.

Our 16 grit silica sand infill provides superior blade support and a reduced absorption rate which allows it last longer. This infill also provides exceptional support for artificial turf blades that will keep your turf looking new for years to come.

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Product Information
-Total Weight: 50 lbs per Bag
-Superior artificial grass blade support

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