Artificial Turf Seam Tape

For residential and commercial artificial grass installations, we offer our professional-grade polyurethane synthetic turf glue. Seam tape, when used in conjunction with turf glue, holds artificial grass seams together. This is one of the most reliable methods for securing artificial turf seams, but it takes the most time.

The artificial turf installation must also consider the space between the fiber rows in addition to adhesive and tape. When a fiber row is spaced too widely, the seam will be even more visible once the synthetic grass is filled with infill or filler materials.

Backyard Putting Green Installation

The tape and glue seam installation method is also recommended for backyard putting green installations due to its efficacy. The use of synthetic turf adhesive and seam tape avoids the possibility of nails on the putting green’s surface. Artificial turf adhesive and seam tape are required for a tight fit on short and dense backyard putting greens.

Synthetic grass technicians frequently employ sod nails or staples to hold the seams in place while the glue and tape seal cures. This allows the installer to  work without fear of damage to the seam. The staples and nails provide short-term security, while the tape and glue provide long-term stability.

Seam Tape is made of a 5 oz spunbond polyester with high tensile, tear, and puncture strength. It is available as one side coated or uncoated. The coated seam tape has a very thin layer of film that provides vapor barrier to one side. The vapor barrier or coating prevents adhesive from bleeding through seam tape, but allows fiber web to become fully saturated to get maximum mechanical bonding with backing of synthetic turf. It also prevents contamination or negative influence from chemicals that may be in or on the surface that synthetic turf is being installed on.

Product Information
-Available in 15 or 330 Foot Rolls

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