Impact / Drainage Pads

An Impact / Drainage Turf Pad is an artificial grass underlayment that improves impact attenuation, which is a measurement of a material’s shock absorption qualities.

Playgrounds and Athletic Fields

Our Synthetic Turf Padding is the best underlayment for playgrounds, athletic fields, and other purposes. In other words, with decades of proven success in commercial and residential installations. As a result, the Impact / Drainage Turf Pad has decades of proven success in commercial and residential installation applications. Likewise, the pads absorb impacts, and  provide a comfortable, safe cushion system beneath the turf, as well as a number of other important advantages.

In addition, the unique drainage qualities of the Impact / Drainage Pads allows water to drain quickly both vertically and laterally, to keep playgrounds and sports fields drier, safer, and cleaner. That is to say, the highly porous material does not absorb water or other liquids, it is ready to play on as soon as the rain stops, so you have extra hours of fun each year.

Playground Impact and Drainage Pad

Our Impact / Drainage Pad for the playground market use recycled cross-linked polyethylene foam to create a soft yet stable playing surface. Most importantly, the pad is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications with a panel size measuring 4’ x 5’. The pad, manufactured with large pieces of colorful foam, are bonded together by heat and compression, without the use of adhesives. As a result, this process results in a material which does not degrade, break down or lose its qualities over time – you’ll have a safe playground for the life of the turf.

-Shock & Drainage Pad for Under Artificial Turf
-Landscape Pad for a Soft Residential Install
-Base Layer in Conjunction with Poured-in-Place Playground Systems
-Base Layer Under Rubber Tiles for Additional Performance
-In Stalls / Barns to Offer Soft Under layment for Animals

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