Golf Set for Your Backyard Putting Green

Complete your backyard paradise with our Putting Green Golf Set. With a personalized backyard putting green, you can turn your backyard into a golfer’s heaven. That is to say, you can practice golf all year long, whenever you choose, without having to maintain a typical yard. Above all, a synthetic putting green will transform your yard into an excellent, environmentally friendly, and maintenance-free golfer’s paradise where you can concentrate on and enjoy your game.

To improve your short game, you can, for example, modify your artificial turf putting green to the level of difficulty you prefer. You’ll find that you and your family spend more time outside now that you have access to your own green whenever you choose. In short, the professionals at Ultimate Turf Solutions can assist you in designing the ideal backyard putting green for your Texas Hill Country or San Antonio property.

Above all, synthetic grass or artificial turf is ideal for a busy family. Importantly, there are no grass allergies, poisons, pesticides, or fertilizers with fake grass. The grass is constructed of the same polyethylene and nylon as children’s toys, ordinary plastic household goods, plastic cutlery, and microwavable containers.

To summarize, call Ultimate Turf Solutions for all of your synthetic grass and artificial turf installation needs, including a metal or plastic Putting Green Golf Set.

Product Information
-Plastic Set or Aluminum Set
-Cup, Pole & Flag