Synthetic Turf U-Staples

Synthetic Turf U-staples are a great option to secure the seams of your artificial lawn. That is to say, the inclusion of staples increases the durability of synthetic turf and protects your investment.

Moreover, for residential and commercial artificial grass installs the grass and the necessary synthetic turf installation accessories and tools are available at Ultimate Turf Solutions. U-Staples, when used in conjunction with seam tape and turf glue, holds artificial grass seams together. This method extends the life of your beautiful, low-maintenance artificial lawn.

U-Staples support artificial turf seams during artificial turf installation. In professional artificial grass installations, U-Staples provide support for seam tape and glue.

Use landscape staples and a rubber mallet to drive the synthetic turf into place. Staples should be spaced 3-4 inches apart around the border of the artificial grass, 12-24 inches apart in the center, and 1-2 inches apart along the seams. Staples, rather than nails, prevent holes and divots.

Visit the Ultimate Turf Showroom for the highest quality synthetic grass, turf, and artificial ivy. At your visit, you can see and feel a wide range of artificial turf to discover the right one for your project. Most importantly, with low-maintenance, highly durable, and always-beautiful artificial grass and fake ivy, we can help bring your green space to life. In addition to our artificial grass showroom, our warehouse contains all of the accessories you’ll need to complete your installation.

For synthetic grass installation, the ends of artificial grass are secured with U-staples. Moreover, Ultimate Turf Solutions carries synthetic grass, U-Staples, and installation supplies. Contact us today for all your synthetic turf needs!

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