Artificial turf and ivy for commercial properties, as an exterior element, or as an interior feature creates a great first impression, is easy to maintain, is durable, and increases the value of your property. As a result, synthetic grass is both practical and creative. Moreover, synthetic turf: reduces landscape costs; remains beautiful year round; reduces dirt inside your facility; holds up to heavy foot traffic; converts unused and underutilized space into an inviting and engaging area. At the same time, creative artificial grass or fake ivy can be used to: transform an uninviting space into a warm and beautiful gathering area; design an impactful and fun team building space, like a putting green; promote your company’s brand and culture; enhance productivity.

Artificial Turf and Ivy for Commercial Properties:

Synthetic turf for your commercial space provides many benefits for your organization and the people using the green space. For example, artificial grass is a proven winner for both indoor and outdoor sports and athletic fields, playgrounds, dog parks, rooftop patios, putting greens, and around public swimming pools.

Increase the Value of Your Property:

Meanwhile, businesses have added more interior synthetic grass and artificial ivy to interior spaces. In addition, greener workspaces are trending, from artificial turf floors, to green ivy walls, and even putting greens. Similarly, adding artificial turf to your commercial property has the emotional connection to nature, without the maintenance and watering. In short, artificial turf and ivy for commercial properties will set your facility apart from all the rest!

Athletic Sporting Fields

Durable, dependable and safe synthetic athletic sporting fields can be installed indoors and outdoors. Above all, artificial sports turf is a low-maintenance and cost-effective solution for fields of any size. Ideal for our South Central Texas climate, artificial turf sporting fields require no watering, no mowing, dry faster than traditional grass, are allergy and chemical free.

Synthetic Turf Sporting Fields are Safe:

Importantly, our synthetic sporting fields do not contain crumb rubber, instead the infill is non-toxic and can even reduce the temperature of the field. Likewise, many applications include impact pads for additional protection and comfort.

Children’s Play Areas

Importantly, kid safe artificial turf for playgrounds and children’s play areas will enhance child safety, reduce maintenance and maintenance costs, and is durable in high-traffic areas. Most importantly, we will help you find the right synthetic playground turf for your specific situation.

Synthetic Grass is Kid Safe:

Artificial playground turf will retain its aesthetic qualities even with the foot traffic and the activity children bring to playgrounds. For example, schools, city parks, restaurant play areas, and daycare or child care centers appreciate the low maintenance, pest free, allergy free, and the added cushioning of artificial grass.

In conclusion, for a soft and cushioned synthetic grass great for children’s play areas, request an appointment with one of our experienced team members.

Communal Green Spaces

When you add artificial turf and ivy to your community space, you’re adding a touch of creativity. For example, synthetic turf and ivy is often used in break rooms, gathering spaces, or activity centers. Certainly artificial turf is exactly what you need. Synthetic grass in your gathering spaces is: warm and inviting; maintenance-free; increases the value of your property; will withstand heavy traffic; it’s easy to customize with logos. We can help you bring your ideas to life!

Artificial Turf and Ivy Builds Community

In short, for a beautiful, restful and inspiring communal green space, contact Ultimate Turf Solutions.

Doggy Daycare

Fake grass keeps your facility and the dogs in your care clean. Dust and dirt brought indoors is reduced. Synthetic turf prevents dogs from digging, making a mess of your yard and the inside of your facility. You’ll be able to let the dogs outside after a rain without worrying about a muddy mess. Synthetic grass is mud-free and dries quickly, allowing the dogs to spend more time outside.

Synthetic Turf Makes Dog Care Facilities Shine!

Artificial turf can improve the health of the dogs in your care. For example, unlike a traditional lawn, synthetic grass does not harbor fleas, ticks and other pests. Your facility will be the #1 choice for dogs with grass allergies. For an easy to clean dog friendly artificial turf, schedule an appointment with an Ultimate Turf Solutions team member today!

Golf Greens

Without question, performance, without the daily maintenance and down-time after a rain, is every facility’s dream. With synthetic practice greens, tee lines and training facilities from Ultimate Turf Solutions, you’ll get grass that stands up to heavy traffic and our South Central Texas weather!

Superior Synthetic Turf for Your Golf Facility:

Importantly, talk with our expert team to integrate high performance, long-lasting, maintenance-free synthetic turf for your golf facility. A result of installing synthetic turf for golf facilities: reduces pests and the need for pesticides; dries quickly after a rain with no down-time due to soggy grass; you’ll have a cleaner clubhouse, that requires less maintenance, from less dust, dirt, and no mud; no watering, mowing or trimming; and best of all, your artificial grass always looks great, regardless of weather conditions and seasonal changes.

Green Roofs and Balconies

Transform a rooftop from only a protection for your building to a year-round gathering place. In addition to expanding the usable space of your building, synthetic or green roofs and balconies: reduce the cost of cooling and heating the interior of your building; absorbs sound both inside your building and in the surrounding environment; protects and expands the life of your roof.

Schedule Your Appointment Today:

In short, an appointment with one of our team members most certainly will recommend the best artificial turf and ivy for commercial properties, and for an incredible green roof or balcony.

Store Fronts

Retail stores create impactful spaces with synthetic turf and artificial ivy. For instance, freestanding stores create maintenance-free landscape vignettes to set the stage before they open your door. Furthermore, inside your shop, artificial walls and ivy can bring an unexpected peace and vibrancy to your store. Living walls are maintenance free, durable, and liven-up your store.

Create a the Right Environment

Reach out to Ultimate Turf Solutions, and we’ll help bring your vision to life! As a result, you’ll discover the best artificial grass for your store, contact us today.

Swimming Pools

An important amenity, resort, hotel, and public swimming pools can become a year-round feature with synthetic turf. Consequently, artificial turf is the ideal solution for South Central Texas swimming pools. Firstly, synthetic grass is durable to withstand high traffic, maintenance free, dries quickly, reduces dirt and dust and eliminates mud, is soft underfoot, pest free, allergy free, and is not slippery like traditional turf.

The Right Artificial Turf for Your Commercial Property:

The result is that the right synthetic lawn for your application is available at Ultimate Turf Solutions. Our experienced team will make recommendations and work closely with your landscape architect and installation team.