Whatever you call it…artificial turf, artificial grass, fake grass, synthetic grass, synthetic turf, artificial lawn, forever green, artificial putting greens, backyard putting greens, artificial ivy, artificial green wall, fake grass wall…you’ll call it the best decision you’ve ever made! Above all, for the best artificial grass in San Antonio, contact Ultimate Turf Solutions.

Artificial Grass San Antonio and Surrounding Cities:

An artificial grass lawn increases your home’s value and is always beautiful! Your low maintenance synthetic lawn is kid and pet friendly, perfect for around the swimming pool, in shaded areas, for rocky landscapes. As a result, you can have a lush, green xeriscaped lawn with artificial grass. During your visit to our artificial turf showroom, you’ll receive expert advice and the best artificial grass for your needs. In addition, if you’re a DYIer, you can get everything you need.

Your Installer, Landscaper or Landscape Architect

Most importantly, we will also work with the top artificial grass installers and landscapers in San Antonio, New Braunfels, and the Texas Hill Country. On the other hand, you can have a complete turn-key project. In other words, we will handle every step of the process for the installation of your specific property, including water drainage, the overall slope of your property, gardens, bushes, and trees, children, pets, swimming pools, and your lifestyle. In short, Ultimate Turf Solutions is your choice for any synthetic grass or artificial ivy project.

Artificial Ivy and Green Walls

Artificial Ivy and Green Walls

Artificial grass in San Antonio also includes realistic looking ivy and faux lush green walls are a beautiful addition to your living space. Our artificial living wall panels are easy to install in your home, home office, outdoors, and wherever creativity takes you! As a result, you’ll find the perfect fake grass wall or artificial wall for your project. Schedule an appointment to see and touch the different types of artificial ivy or green walls at our showroom. Moreover, you’ll find everything you need to create your masterpiece!

Artificial Ivy – Cascade

  • To create a green oasis with wild, dense, overflowing branches and leaves, Cascade is the perfect choice! Each panel weighs only 1.5 pounds, measures 20” x 20”, with an incredibly dense 400 leaves per panel.

Artificial Green Wall – Clover

  • For a clean and modern look, you’ll want Clover faux green panels for a garden sanctuary. The rich green panels weigh 1.3 pounds, measure 20” x 20”, and have 400 leaves per panel.

Fake Grass Wall – Jade

  • Light green foliage and deeper dark jade leaves bring tranquility into any space. Jade panels weigh 1.5 pounds, measure 20” x 20”, and have 164 leaves per panel.

Artificial Ivy Panels – Paradise

  • The most exotic variation of an artificial green wall is Paradise. Paradise will transform any space into a tropical oasis with a variety of multi-colored leaves and petals. Paradise panels weigh 5.8 pounds, measure 40” x 40”, and have an incredible 1120 leaves per panel.

Balcony and Rooftop

Install artificial turf on your rooftop or balcony, and it will transform your space into the perfect spot for people to gather and socialize. Resulting in an inviting and easy to maintain, an artificial grass rooftop creates an unexpected private oasis. Further, artificial turf will help regulate the temperature of your rooftop or balcony, it will not fade in the sun, and has a life expectancy similar to a shingled roof.

Fake Grass for Apartment Balcony:

Likewise, you can create a picturesque space for a previously uninviting area. Installing artificial turf on a balcony or rooftop lets you create a green oasis with our own personal decorating style.

In addition, rooftop artificial grass can help with rainwater runoff by reducing the amount of rainwater sent to the sewer system, releasing more water back into the atmosphere.

Make your vision a reality and transform your space with synthetic turf! We certainly welcome DIYers with everything you need to complete your project, including expert advice. Above all, with one visit, we’ll answer your questions, get you the right artificial grass or fake ivy for your lifestyle and the application, and the tools for a successful installation! Why wait? In short, contact us today to schedule your appointment in our artificial turf showroom to select your grass and pick up your installation tools.

High Traffic Areas

Artificial grass is so durable, it’s worth every penny! Ultimate Turf Solutions will help you select the right artificial turf for your specific needs. Most importantly, you’ll have a lively lawn that can handle active kids, large events with family and friends, and even your furry friends.

Synthetic Lawns in San Antonio and Surrounding Areas

To clarify, most front lawns are considered low-traffic as they do not receive much foot traffic. On the other hand, high-traffic areas generally include backyards, fitness and sports areas, and playgrounds. The synthetic lawn experts at Ultimate Turf Solutions will recommend the best artificial grass, with the right durability, for your lifestyle. Above all, durable artificial grass is designed for its longevity in high-traffic areas and will stand up to wear-and-tear.

Synthetic Turf and Fake Ivy Showroom:

In short, for the lawn you’ve always wanted, contact Ultimate Turf Solutions today!

Kid Friendly

Above all, artificial turf or synthetic grass is perfect for an active family. Importantly, with artificial grass, there are no grass allergies, toxins, pesticides, or fertilizers. Similarly to children’s toys, common plastic household items, plastic utensils, and microwavable containers, the grass itself is made of the same polyethylene and nylon.

Artificial Lawn for Families

In addition to the turf, the infill is important to the health of your family and the maintenance of your beautiful lawn. Infill is a granular product that is placed on top of the grass and brushed in between the blades to help the blades stand up and return to their upright position after being walked on. Envirofill, for example, is a safe, high-performing infill, a hygienic and antimicrobial infill. I the same vein, Envirofill’s green granules maintain cooler temperatures and help prevent the growth of bacteria and microbes that can cause stains, odors and product deterioration.

Artificial Grass Showroom in San Antonio

In short, for a kid friendly yard, the top artificial grass picks are found at our showroom. Schedule your appointment with an Ultimate Turf Solutions team member.

Low Maintenance

Certainly you’ll save time and money as you help the environment, increase the value of your home, and have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood! In addition, an artificial turf lawn will stay green during dry periods, saves you money as it requires no fertilizer and conserves water, and helps the environment by reducing emissions caused by mowing.

Artificial Grass in San Antonio Requires Minimum Maintenance

That is to say, to keep your new turf in tip-top-shape, brush the grass every 3-4 weeks to help the infill / sand keep the grass blades upright. A standard leaf blower is handy for keeping your yard clean of organic debris. Likewise, occasional weed removal will be necessary with a water-based herbicide. Similarly to any lawn, you will want to remove solid pet waste and then rinse the area with a hose. In addition, stubborn stains can be removed with warm water and a mild soap.

Schedule an Appointment at our Synthetic Turf Showroom

In conclusion, in San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country, the best artificial grass for a low maintenance yard is available at our showroom.

Pet Friendly

In order to keep your pets happy and healthy you need artificial grass. If you have pets, the professional team at Ultimate Turf Solutions will guide you to the best year-round green lawn. Consequently, we’ll recommend the best synthetic grass for dogs, addressing pet waste and digging. Most importantly, fake grass is resilient, reduces flea, tick, and even mosquito populations, is long-lasting, and budget friendly with special financing available for you. Your house will stay clearer too when your dog has access to an artificial yard. Moreover, no more muddy paw prints and dirty fur!

Low Maintenance Synthetic Lawns

Likewise, as with any lawn, you will want to remove spilled food and solid pet waste and then rinse the area with a hose. In short, for the best artificial turf for your dog and pets, visit our showroom to see and touch the top artificial grass products.

Putting Greens

Make your backyard a golfer’s paradise with a custom backyard putting green. That is to say, practice golf year-round, anytime you want, without the maintenance of a traditional yard. Above all, adding a synthetic putting green to your yard it will be an exceptional, eco-friendly, and maintenance-free golfer’s paradise where you can focus on and enjoy your golf game.

Backyard Putting Green

For example, you can customize your artificial turf putting green around your desired difficulty to improve your short game. You’ll find yourself and your family will spend more time outdoors, with access anytime you want. In short, the experts at Ultimate Turf Solutions can help you design the right backyard putting green for Texas Hill Country and San Antonio yards.

Shaded Areas

Your beautiful shade trees can now have beautiful green grass under them! Our artificial turf grass will provide exceptional drainage to support the growth of your trees. Real trees and fake grass will improve the look and value of your home!

Firstly, if you have oak trees, both the shade and the tannins in the leaves make growing grass around an oak nearly impossible. However, when artificial grass is installed around your trees, the permeable fake grass allows water, nutrients and oxygen to be easily absorbed through the soil.

Artificial Grass in San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country

Above all, for San Antonio and Texas Hill Country artificial lawns, Ultimate Turf Solutions, with our synthetic lawn showroom, has the solutions you need for a beautiful always green lawn.

Swimming Pools

Enjoy a crystal clear pool, free of grass clippings! Gone are the days when a lawn mower blows grass clippings into your pool. As a result, you’ll never have to worry about wet feet tracking dried grass into your house or depositing grass into your pool. Above all, you’ll love the look of your always green lawn against the turquoise blue water. Breathtaking!

Artificial Grass for Swimming Pools

In addition, artificial turf is also safer than real grass. Real grass is very slippery when wet. Synthetic grass, however, is non-slip. Likewise, synthetic lawns are soft on bare feet, and you won’t step on a sticker or weed. Artificial turf reduces pests, is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and will cushion a fall better than natural grass.

Find the Right Artificial Turf at our Showroom

Certainly, increased home value and curb appeal, durability in the harsh Texas sun, reduced maintenance, pool skimming, no dirt and mud, no mowing and trimming are all benefits of a synthetic lawn in San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country. In short, installing artificial turf around your swimming pool is a smart move! To find the best artificial grass for your home, visit our showroom and talk to one of our specialists.