Pet-Friendly Camofill for Turf

Envirofill artificial grass infill is an innovative turf infill product that improves turf systems across America. Moreover, this product can be used in premier athletic fields,  dog parks, putting greens, residential artificial turf lawns, and more. Importantly, Envirofill is designed as a safe, hygienic, high-performance turf infill. Envirofill touts several key benefits that enhance field performance and offer unprecedented hygiene and safety.

Envirofill artificial grass infill is the ideal turf infill for home use, parks, and playgrounds because it’s safe, clean, and anti-microbial. Most importantly, Envirofill’s trademark green silicone dioxide granules maintain cooler temperatures compared to black crumb rubber infill. In addition the highly-rounded quartz core resists compaction, important for consistent high-performance. In other words, Envirofill is a one-time application that you can set and forget.

To prevent the growth of bacteria and microbes, Envirofill is infused with Microban® anti-microbial protection.  For example, without Enviorfill, bacteria and microbes can cause stains, odors and deterioration of your synthetic turf.

To summarize, call Ultimate Turf Solutions for all of your synthetic grass and artificial turf installation needs, including Envirofill artificial grass infill.

Product Information
-Total Weight: 50 lbs per Bag
-Round shape protects turf
-Vinyl coating encapsulates dust
-Microban® – Antimicrobial Protection