Synthetic Turf Glue

Our professional-grade polyurethane synthetic turf glue is recommended for residential and commercial artificial turf installations. When combined with seam tape, turf glue bonds seams of artificial grass together. This is one of the most reliable solutions to secure artificial turf seams and requires the greatest amount of time.

In addition to glue and tape, the artificial turf installer must consider the distance between the fiber rows. When a fiber row is spaced too wide, the seam will be even more noticeable once the infill materials are added to the synthetic grass.

As a result of the effectiveness of the tape and glue seam installation, this method is also recommended for backyard putting green installations. Synthetic turf glue and seam tape eliminates the chance of nails at the surface of the putting green. Short and dense putting green turf demands artificial turf glue and seam tape for a tight fit.

To assist with the curing of the glue and tape seal, synthetic turf installers often use sod nails or staples to hold the seam in place. This permits the installer to continue work without the risk of damage to the seam. Short-term security is provided by the staples and nails, whereas long-term hold is accomplished by the tape and glue.

Product Information
-Meets ASTM C 920
-Advanced formula engineered by professional contractors

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