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Emerald 85 Putt

This putting green has a ball roll performance like a professional green while still remaining budget-friendly. This artificial putting green can be used both indoors and outdoors. No matter where you use it, the two-tone flower and lime green coloring will make for an attractive look.

Recommended Uses

  • Putting Greens
  • Drivng Ranges
  • Mini-Golf Courses
  • Patios or Rooftops

16 Year

DuraBlade™ Technology


Lead Free Product



  • Yarn TypeTextured Polypropylene
  • DenierPP4950
  • Approximate Pile Height0.71 in.
  • Machine Gauge3/16 in.
  • Roll Size15 x 100 linear feet
  • Approximate Infill Amount2.5-3.0 lb / psf
  • Primary BackingPolyurethane
  • Total Product Weight70.65 oz/yd2
  • Pile Yarn Weight35.43 oz/yd2
  • Average Tuft Bind Strength9.6 /bs/force
  • Total Lead Content0.73mg/Kg
  • Pill Flammability8 out of 8 Pass
  • Water Permeability112.1 in/hr
  • QUV Accelerated WeatheringColor: 10 / Texture: 10
  • USGA Stimp Meter8.5 Feet
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