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Impact Pad

Our Pads are a Shock & Drainage Pad for the playground market using recycled cross-linked polyethylene foam to create a soft yet stable playing surface. The pad is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications with a panel size measuring 4’ x 5’. The pad is manufactured using large pieces of colorful foam that are bonded together by heat and compression, without the use of adhesives. The material itself does not degrade, break down or lose its shock-absorbing qualities over time – giving you a safe playground for the life of the turf.

Available in 1 or 2 inch Thickness


  • Shock & Drainage Pad for Under Artificial Turf
  • Landscape Pad for a Soft Residential Install
  • Base Layer in Conjunction with Poured-in-Place Playground Systems
  • Base Layer Under Rubber Tiles for Additional Performance
  • In Stalls / Barns to Offer Soft Under layment for Animals

10 Year


Mass per unit AreaASTM D3776MNew2.5Kg/m²
Overall DensityASTM D3575-W (A)New164.7Kg/m³
Ply AdhesionASTM D7005 (mod.)New1.8Lbs/in
Thermal StabilityASTM D3575-SNew99%
Thermal ResistanceASTM C518New1.54R
Compression SetASTM D3575-BNew4.3%
Compressive StrengthASTM D3575-DNew89.4Kpa
Nominal ThicknessASTM D5199New14.4mm
Water Infiltration RateEN 12616New34364mm/h
In-Plane Flow RateASTM D4716Transmissivity0.031E-02 m²/s
Flow Rate0.4l/min/m
Tensile StrengthASTM D3575Max. Tensile Strength142N
Elongation at Break53%
Shock AbsorptionASTM F3189 / AAANew51.7%
Vertical DeformationASTM F3189 / AAANew5.6mm
Energy RestitutionASTM F3189 / AAANew38.7%
Critical Fall HeightEN 1177 / HICNew0.60m
Impact AttenuationASTM F355-A / GmaxNew70-110G


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